Are you struggling to find your "Get up and Go?"

Sometimes we need to kick ourselves in the caboose and then there are times where you just need to ask for a little help. Beth Anne Langrell from For All Seasons offers some tips to help.

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The Edge At Home Exercises Part 8
Living a Balanced Life
The College Kids are home - Notice a Change?
The Holidays - Should they be stressful?
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Treating a Sprained Ankle

Physical Therapist Russ Payne from the Roger Clemens Institute at Memorial Hermann talks about ankle sprains. This is a common injury for student-athletes and can put one on the sidelines for extended periods. Learn how to treat sports injuries in this video on health and rehab.

Ready to get off the couch?

Kevin Mason from The Edge Training Academy on Kent Island is providing us with simple exercises that we can do at home. If you want more information about personal training services or looking for a new gym home, please visit www.TheEdgeTrainingAcademy.com.

They are located in the Chesapeake Bay Business Park on Log Canoe Circle in Stevensville. Here is the final piece of the eight-part series.